São Paulo, February 23, 1958

Dear Lex,

It has been a long time since I last “talked” with you. Things are really piling up and by reading your last two issues of the CSI Newsletter I became certain that you’ll be able to understand why I have been so quiet lately. It seems as though the discs are on their final approach.

Clesi has written to you thanking the nice prints of our photos. Have you received her letter? She wrote it all by herself. Isn’t she making process?

Escobar has sent back Isabel’s report about the Kelly landing, but I could see that he was not convinced at all. You know how things are: we would like to see the things in order to fully believe. I spoke to him for about two hours after his conferência — public lecture — about saucers. He was courageous enough to tell the public that he believes a contact is possible, so much so that every now and then he goes to desert places equipped with binoculars and cameras, and tries hard even with telepathy, to bring the discs about. This is funny because Escobar does not believe in Adamski and other contactees who say that telepathy is the Escobar because he says anything is to be experimented in order to made contact.


The other day I mailed to you from the Airport, the front page of “0 Correio da Manhñ” black with prints of a saucer seen and photographed the School Ship of the Brazilian Navy, “Saldanha da Gama”. Since the happening is perhaps the most significative event concerning saucers, I am translating, somewhat hurriedly, some clippings appearing in the Brazilian papers. I don’t think I’ll. be able to get prints from the negatives, but I am trying anyway.


From the NICAP archives

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