ECOPOETIC in Washington Square Park

Dance has always mystified me. There is dance, lower case d, the act of gyrating around the nightclub or swaying back and forth in your kitchen. And then there is Dance, capital D, which is, as far as I can tell not only an art, but an entirely different way of being in the world, an alternative mode of responding to stimuli that forms a new language of interpretation.

I am generally weary of artspeak, but writing about Dance requires a bit of abstraction and I think this need for abstraction makes Dance one of the least accessible but most exciting art forms. It is also one that I don’t often interact with, time and money being the prohibitive factors, as per usual. So I was excited to see the announcement for ECOPOETIC, a series of simultaneous dance performances responding to the environment in Washington Square Park. Translation: thirteen dancers got the feels for the plants and animals around them and put it into movement.

The result was astounding.

Christy Funsch, Puny Human

Maria Mommensohn, Vector

Helga Deasy, Helica

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Andrea Haenggi, Digitaria

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Bruna Fluza & Ligia Tourinho, Inner Nature Dialogue

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