Words About Ships: American Whaling Ship

American Whaling Ship

The National Maritime Online Library’s database of American whaling voyages details when and where ships were built as well as their captains and fates.


Built in 1840, the Acushnet would have looked nearly identical to the ship pictured here. All of her voyages lasted approximately three years and on each she had a different master. It just so happened that she was the last for each. For the third, Bradley C. Thomas, it was his first and last voyage, and, as it turned out her, last as well. In 1851 she was stove by a whale and lost at sea.


Commerce always has kept good records.

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  1. Hello:

    I have an old painting of a bark, possibly a whaling vessel, named “White Cloud.” It is shown flying a medallion patterned American flag, which would most likely correspond to the latter half of the nineteenth century. Trying to find out more about the history of this sailing vessel. There is also a swallow tailed flag atop the tallest mast, a field of blue with white dots or stars on it.


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